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Which slave cylinder should I use when upgrading my 2011 clutch to mcleod RST?

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My shop has installed the short slave cylinder, part #DR3Z7A508A. The clutch is having issues with disengagement at very low RPM. Other owners are telling me I need to install the long (I dont know the exact part number) slave cylinder to prevent this binding issue. Is there any merit to this? I am starting to get desperate here as this has been ongoing for months and we've been throwing parts at it, which I hate doing.

Any advice is welcome.
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There are only two different throw out bearings for the GT500. One was used in 07-09, the other 10-14. I'm not aware of switching them. Have you installed a steel braided clutch line? It will help some. If you can find the larger clutch master cylinder from a 13-14, it will help quite a bit. Another tip is to make sure there is no air bubbles left in the clutch line. Best way to do that is to just sit in the car and pump the clutch pedal until your leg gets tired.
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