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Warranty issues if you mess with the tune....

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We all know about this and we do our own thing accordingly- but this does give you pause...

I'm sticking with stock due to extended warranty and possible resale some day but I'd love to have MORE HP.
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I wonder if it was a " canned " tune ?
I had all the major mods done with 638 miles on my 14, it matters who & how the tuning is done.
My tuner used to work for Ford as a calibrator, it & my 2011 were tuned on the street..
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surely he can get a crate motor and trans alot cheaper than that. this is nothing new ford does same thing 6.0 powerstrokes back some years ago were going in for warranty work and first thing dealer did was hook up to see if a tune had ever been used on it. if they noticed the tell tale signs warranty work denied
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If you can't afford to replace it don't mess with it.
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