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Hey there,

Thought I would let you all know - there is a cool event going on this weekend at Autoclub Speeday (Fontana) - its a Vintage Auto Racers Association race. Last year at this time, I was working for Tuttle-Click - we sponsored the event last year, so had a large tent with a bunch of cars there - so I was "stuck" there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was GREAT to see older cars on the track (the banked straight away, and through the road coarse section on the back half). The event is going on all weekend long again.

I have a friend that owns/drives a Nextell Cup Car - so will be going to hang out with him on Sunday. Its $10 at the gate - but that gets you in for the entire weekend (both days). There are vintage F-1 cars, older F-1 cars (like 80's/90's), Porche's, Old Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, Can-Am style cars - you name it its probably there.

This is a GREAT event to get up close and talk to the owners/drivers/cars. You can move around the pit area, go stand at different areas of the track and watch the cars go by, etc. The regular grandstands arent even open. Its more of an enthusiasts event than a spectator event. If they do like they did last year, at noon on both days, visitors get to take their cars out on the track (behind a pace car of course). I think the noon pace tihng was $20 last year.

Hope to see some of you there - should be a blast.

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