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You may notice a little tweak to the forum as of today... most notably in the upper right corner. I belong to another forum that the company that owns this forum has for their admin staff to bounce ideas/test new features. That forum has been running this format for awhile. After playing with it, I am now used to the layout and have found it beneficial.

We now have a “NEW” tab as well as a 1-click option to get to the Forum Listing. From there, you can select the “Popular” option that I like to use (shows unread as well as read threads from across the sub forums). The New Posts option only shows unread threads from across the sub-forums.


This new button takes you directly to the forum listing:


The “3 dots” still bring up some options including our new Advanced Search:


You can start a thread from the NEW button (you will he asked which sub-forum you want your thread to be in):


This screen pops up if you hit START DISCUSSION from the What’s New screen:


You can also start a thread when in a specific sub-forum like General:

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