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In the Spirit of Super Charged Mustangs, I figured that we needed to take a look at the other options available. This is the Track Test of the 2008 Rousch 427R Trak Pak that Drew Phillips did for AutoBlog. Take a peek and see what they have to say about this Special Edition Stang.

We've driven our fair share of Mustangs, but it's a rare occasion that we get to drive one at the track. That's part of the reason why we made the seven hour trek from Southern California to Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA, to get behind the wheel of Roush's new 427R Trak Pak Mustang. What's so special about the Trak Pak? For starters, it's got a supercharged V8 packing 435 horsepower and an abundance of race-ready items like an adjustable suspension, carbon fiber wing, and 14-inch brakes that all make it ideal for the weekend warrior who wants his vehicle to handle the daily grind and track-day floggings. With only 100 being built, this may be one of the few opportunities to see one in the sheetmetal, let alone to drive it on the track. While inclement weather the night before threatened to ruin the trip, we were blessed with a rain-free day, allowing us to explore the limits of the Trak Pak'd 427R. Follow the jump to read our impressions.

Full Story: Track Test Full Review via AutoBlog

Gallery: 2008 Roush 427R Trak Pak
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