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So, the unleashed forums posted the GT500 data, with some very nice renders (I think). Supposedly today's B-J auction will show the first of 1,000 being sold.

Tack on an extra 40 HP (540 rated) and a few minor upgrades.

I think I'm in love.

They'll still sell the 2008 GT500 in parallel, and from our source here, it's another run of 10,800. I don't know if the 1,000 comes out of that to go to Vegas and out to the world, or if it comes from the MI plant that way.

Update this thread as we find out/are allowed to talk about things, and let's go get 'em!

(specifically focus on places that'll get one, and reccomendations on how to get one for not-brutally more, expect ~8k over GT500, and probably a 10k over MSRP, which probabally moves this out of my reach :: sad :: )

Jones :)
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