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While driving last weekend began to get a squeal that sounded like belt slippage. Following is what I have found.

Here are some observations and action being taken.

Back ground info:
There is a friend who lives about 1/2 mile from me who also has a Super Snake
About 2 weeks after he got his late last summer the Super Charger belt shredded.
He was sent a new belt

Now to me:
The noise I was hearing sounded like a belt squeal, but did not have a chance to investigate further until today.
I wash the car and started the engine. As I am watching it run (no squeal) I notice the belt on the Super Charger seemed to run inwards and the out ALONG THE FAR EDGE. Best way to describe it is as I watched it the belt covered all but 1 rib on the pulley and then jump to where only 8 ribs were covered.
I had never paid much attention to the extent it should be covering the ribs on the Super Charger pulley. When I stopped the engine the place where the broken edge was happened to be right on the top and easy to see.
Well I have a lift in my garage and after I raise the car and start to clean the underside I see something like a loose wire. When I pulled it a piece of belt came out in my hand. Sure enough it is a piece of Super Charger belt. It was about 1/8 inch wide and about 20 inches long.
The rest is either wedged in there somewhere or fell out while driving. The front edge of the belt was running consistent and straight along the front edge of the super charger pulley

I called Kenne Bell and told them what I found. They said the belt is a 10 rib belt and should cover all of the ribs on the super charger pulley.
They said they would FEDEX overnight for a morning delivery a new belt. Great service.
Said it is about an hour to do the changeover.
Must have been a defective belt or they said perhaps the wrong belt may have been installed.

At any rate I am hopeful this will correct the problem. If not they said call back and THEY WOULD LEND ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE.

Will try to get pictures and post later

So I would advise folks to check your Super Charger belt. Kenne Bell actually has a speed shop about 1 mile from me so they suggested I take the car there and have it looked over.
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