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Call me negative or whatever, but here's my rant...

Ford produces 7500 GT500's. Markups are at $20-30,000+. So, $60,000+ for a Mustang. Most purchased by fairly wealthy people. The idea of only the well-off owning a Mustang is counter to the idea of Mustang (a sports car for the masses).

IF this car is to be worth something down the road (NOT guaranteed, no matter what you think, cars in general are HORRIBLE investments), it'll need to be LOW miles, awesome condition, no accidents, etc... so, you to make sense of your $60,000 purchase, you shouldn't play hard with it... then wait 10-20 years and flip a coin.

There are reports in already of dealers handing back deposits because they know they can get more $$$ than MSRP. So, the average guy gets screwed, no matter what! Thanks Ford (low #s) & your dealers (independent thieves).

With only 7500 built, most garage pampered and rarely driven (the SMART financial thing to do with this particular car), the GT500 may "rule" the road, but it'll be a friggin' figurehead... it COULD rule the road, if they were driven and there were enough of them out there to be seen.

So, Ford's saving grace COULD be this:

The 07/08? Boss 5.4L. 390-400 hp, no blower.

How much you want to bet Ford fuks up again and makes this a limited run car, like the GT500?!?! This Boss, given enough numbers produced, could stay near MSRP on the lots, give the Challenger (concept) and Camaro (concept) real headaches on the road/strip and actually be driven without worry of losing all of that markup when re-sale comes at some point.

So Ford, do something right, and PRODUCE this Boss Mustang in numbers you morons.

Think about it... similar performance from the Boss, for, oh, $20-30,000 LESS (including markup)than the GT500?!?! That's one heck of an IRA investment, college fund start, retirement savings, etc. etc. etc. If this Boss is produced, it'll be by far the better value, at least in the short term (and in the long term, given that the GT500 is not GUARANTEED to increase in value).

THIS car could effect the sales of the Challenger/Camaro concepts.
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