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I reached out to admin recently because I was having troubles putting my 2020 into the forum’s Showcase. I could type the details, but how to upload pics was not jumping out at me. Our old software had something similar, but it had separate picture uploading on the side. The Showcase in this new software is much like submitting a thread... you insert pictures just like you would when posting a thread. So, here are some screen shots to help.

First off, Showcase pictures are shown on the forum. Showcase is a place to list and show your rides. People can also see all Showcase cars or go to someone’s profile to see specific cars. Here is the front page display if you will:


You can get to your Showcase by clicking your upper-right avatar:


Click “Add Item” to put a vehicle in your Showcase.


Fill in the info blocks.


This is the big difference from the old setup. For pictures, simply put up to 10 in the General Information block. The first picture will be the main picture for your Showcase item.



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