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Troy, Michigan(July 18, 2008) – Saleen’s Aftermarket Division, SpeedLab, announced today the introduction of a new technology for air induction systems called the SuperShaker™. The patent pending SuperShaker™ embodies the classic appeal of shaker hood styling while delivering exhilarating performance via modern Supercharger technology.

By combining the proven efficiency of the Saleen series VI intercooled supercharger with that of the new and highly efficient SuperShaker™ induction system, SpeedLab has brokered the perfect marriage; bringing together Beauty AND Beast for the first time.

For decades, the two theories of air induction were separated. With this revolutionary new system, SuperShaker™ couples the best of both worlds. The “ram air” design and functionality of a true shaker hood is now mated with the forced air induction system via an intercooled, twin screw Saleen series VI supercharger. Saleen SpeedLab is the first and only manufacturer offering this highly engineered technology to the market.

“For the first time ever, consumers do not have to sacrifice muscle car styling to get more power and performance,” says Michael Lingo, Vice President & General Manager of Saleen’s Aftermarket Division, “the SpeedLab SuperShaker™ puts real muscle under your hood producing power that can be seen and heard”.

The SuperShaker™ induction path is much shorter and less restrictive compared to existing designs, and is a true “cold air” intake that is sealed off from the engine compartment, thus enhancing vehicle performance. The SuperShaker™ induction system sits above the hood and is isolated from the hot air in the engine compartment. This is especially beneficial in static situations such as at stop lights or take off during drag racing. Once up to speed, the shaker hood scoop rams fresh cold air into the air box where it is pressurized, allowing greater boost at higher speeds.

The ground-breaking design efforts at Saleen have resulted in a durable design that can withstand the harsh environment of everyday driving. By angling the custom air filter forward, water and debris will be deflected down to the bottom of the air box where it can be evacuated and not affect the performance of the filter. There are two molded pieces that make up and include the air box, providing a skirt that mounts to the rear of the box which protects the compartment from water, debris and environmental hazards. This unique design does not require any extraordinary mounting or securing devices, allowing
the air box to utilize the maximum space available within the tight constraints. The result is a larger surface area for the air filter and compact OE style look.

“The shorter intake and minimal restriction allows for more cold air to be available to the engine immediately, resulting in less lag time and quicker throttle response, says Marc Musial, Chief Powertrain Engineer, “providing instant power that is available on demand throughout the power curve”.

The Saleen SpeedLab SuperShaker™ is engineered and designed to fit all 2005-current model Mustang GT’s. The SuperShaker™ kit will increase your total power from 500 – 700HP. SpeedLab will also be offering additional SuperShaker™ upgrade components.

“We are very excited to offer this one of a kind system to the Mustang enthusiast community,” says Carlos Duran, Manager of Saleen’s Aftermarket Sales, “in addition to the SuperShaker™ kit; we have made this revolutionary product available to our existing Saleen Series VI Supercharger owners with the release of the ShakerLid upgrade kit. The ShakerLid kit allows all Saleen customers to enjoy the SuperShaker™ experience.”

As a featured exclusive, Saleen SpeedLab will also manufacture a limited number of SuperShaker™ kits designed especially for Saleen Parnelli Jones (PJ) Edition owners. This special limited run kit will feature unique Saleen/ PJ personalized badging and will be registered as a Saleen Supercharged PJ to enhance exclusivity. The PJ SuperShaker™ kit is available direct from the factory or through Saleen Certified Dealers.

Saleen SpeedLab is now taking pre-orders for the SuperShaker™ kit with an estimated production date starting late August 2008.

The SuperShaker™ will be featured at a special Woodward Dream Cruise VIP Ride & Drive Event at Saleen’s production facility in Troy, Michigan, on August 15, 2008. Enthusiasts will be able to experience a Saleen H281 or Saleen Parnelli Jones edition mustang fitted with the new SuperShaker™ system. Please visit for more details and to register for your very own SuperShaker™ experience.

Since the company’s inception in 1984, Saleen has produced thousands of complete and EPA certified vehicles, more than any other specialty automobile manufacturer. In addition, Saleen has equipped more than 600,000 vehicles worldwide, further emphasizing their capabilities and commitment to excellence.

A nine-time Manufacturers’ Champion in GT sports car racing, Saleen manufactured the American super car — the Saleen S7, as well as the S281 Mustang, S331 Sport Truck, the Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang and the new Dan Gurney edition Saleen. In addition, Saleen provided all paint and assembly of the Ford GT as a special project for Ford Motor Company. Saleen is also currently providing paint and subassembly for the Dodge Viper SRT-10. Saleen’s World Headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan.

Here is a pricing breakdown:
Base Kit: 6949.99
435hp to shaker upgrade: 1649.99
475hp to shaker upgrade: 1249.99
PJ Editition SuperShaker: 7499.99



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I have to commend Saleen. That's the way a shaker should be designed. Ford should have done something similar with the '03/04 Mach 1's. The shaker on those cars is pretty much for looks and doesn't provide the same functionality like the original shakers on the old Mach 1's. I'm interested in seeing it in person sometime. It looks like Saleen took the old Mach 1 shaker to the next step with all cold air vs. the old ones that also utilized air from under the hood as well.

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