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Ford just announced a special $3000 rebate on 08 GT500s.

I have offered my services in the past to locate your GT500 exactly as you want it.

Heres the text of that earlier message:


One of the most important decisions in choosing the car of your dreams is too choose the right person to find it.

Alot of people know me on this site but for those who don't I'm Don Donelson and have worked for the same Ford dealership in Florida for 13 years. Though I am in management, I have sold all of our ShelbyGT's and GT500's and KR's to forum members on various sites. I am also president of the Florida Regional ShelbyGT / ShelbyGT500 Club and the proud owner of a 2007 red Shelby GT500. I TOO AM A CAR LOVER.

Here’s the offer:

PM me or e-mail me at work and I will find the "exact" car of your dreams with all the right options that you WANT; either in a ShelbyGT ... GT500 or GT500 KR. The price you pay will be virutally impossible to match .... but the service and trust that I will instill upon you will be second to none !!

You can live in any state and I will locate your dream car near where you live at our agreed upon price, not theirs! Those customers who need there cars shipped overseas, we have international shippers that can ship your car to virtually any port or any destination.

I have located and shipped cars to Poland, Germany .... the UK , .. Canada and in the U.S.A. I have all the necessary connections and experience to get this done right the first time.

If you are in the market for a car than give me call at

941-475-5444 or [email protected]

Looking forward to making that dream of yours come true at a price you'll enjoy ! !


So if your ready to pull the trigger let me find the car of your dreams.

Below is a random vincent that on the last line $3000 off

Those interested contact me at

[email protected]

Vehicle Information
VIN: 1Z85172614 Zip Code: 34224
Vehicle: 2008 Vehicle Line 05 MUSTANG T88 SHELBY COUPE Region: ORLANDO
Sales Type: Retail (0) State: FLORIDA
Delivery Date: 02/26/09 County: SARASOTA
Order Date/Type: 01/03/08 Stock (2) City: Englewood
Term: Tier:

= Must finance through Ford Credit =Dependant program =Regional Package Not Eligible =Program Profile

FSA Information
Please note: 0 FSA's outstanding on this vehicle.

Public Program Selection – Select one of the following:
Program Description Benefit End Date

20166 APR Financing 1-36 37-48 49-60 61-72 mo
Tier 0-2 STD STD STD STD %

Regional Discount Packages (Currently Invoiced on this VIN).

Program Description MSRP Invoice Less Holdback

There are no programs to display

Not all buyers will qualify. Ford Credit limited-term APR financing. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by the program end date. See dealer for residency restrictions qualifications and complete details.

Potentially Eligible Private/Affiliate Programs– Select all that apply
NOTE: Private/Affiliate Offers may require customer eligibility be verified, collected and retained by the dealership. Refer to Program Announcement.
Program Description Benefit End Date

11268 SIRIUS - Base Program $ 1.00 01/04/10
32772 Mobility Motoring $ 1.00 - 1200.00 08/31/09
32850 Explorer Settlement Discount Certificate $ 300.00 12/15/09

Dealer Programs

Program Description Benefit End Date

71548 Marketing Allowance Program $ 3000.00 03/31/09



Co-Chariman of the Florida Shelby Club

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dealers dont seem to know about this rebate yet

some due .. some dont ... those who do are trying to sell there inventory retail ... those who dont im getting great deals on !!:bluecap:
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