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Paint Imperfections

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I received my 2021 GT500 back in November and was excited as a kid in a candy store (with a quarter!). It was filthy on the outside but fine on the inside. The salesman asked if I wanted for them to clean it up prior to me taking possession. My experience with previously bought cars said, yes. The next day, my first impressions of the AMB paint was, wow. As I got closer and the salesman started to talk to me - the prep shop noticed a lot of swirls in the paint and tried to clean them up / buff them out. Also that on the front fender, he thought that the paint was chipped, maybe damaged during shipping. When I took the car to their paint shop, they thought they were solvent pops in the paint. Long story short, the paint shop was able to remove the top coat and the solvent pops (bubbles), and reapply the top coat. Every time I look at my car, I keep seeing more areas where the surface has been scratched / has swirls marks. I don't know where any of this happened and I am not sure if Ford Motor Company knows this as I see the initial issue as a factory defect. The paint swirls / scratches could have happened anytime after the last guy at Ford looked at it.

In a different post, @MadMax81 noted that he had dings / dents in his hood after delivery. I'm sure after some glorious discussions, he will get his (sheet molding compound: SMC) hood replaced on his GT. I hope to hear how this actually goes.

Before (second pic is after)

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Looks like you have an antimatter blue car like the other gentleman with hood and paint issues. Hmmm, maybe having some production issues with the color? Or the paint booth screwed up that day, much of the process is fully automated these days. Take it to a good paint shop and it will come back perfect. Good luck.
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