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2020 Ford GT500
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GeorgeC here. Hi Folks. Glad to find this stomping ground and have already found information that I can use.
Just picked up a 2020 with 9,600 miles - woops already have got her up to 10,030. My baby is NOT going to sit in a garage and cry. ;)

Been a Ford guy for 'some' time now, tried them all ...
1980 SVO 4-cyl. Blew 3 head gaskets and got rid of her
1986 Mercury Capri RS 5.0
<had to work to make some money>
2014 V-6 supercharged her to 500HP
2020 Ecoboost HHP mod to 375 HP

And finally made it to the top. Spoke with a guy with Mach-E. Yap-Yap-Yap. Finally told him my kid's car runs on batteries and a Charger is still a sedan. He didn't get it - I walked away.
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