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It has come to our attention that our new heat shield design will not work with some early JLT intakes.

The JLT kits that were purchaced between 11/06 - 4/07 have a shorter billet MAF housing. This can cause poor fitment of the new design shield.
To determine if you have this version simply measure the housing. The old ones are 4" and the new ones are 5".

We made this change simply to use the MAF on our 03,04 high powered Cobras.

So if you have the old MAF the new shield will not work. Their is nothing wrong with your currant shield, we just made some changes to allow easier install.

I hope this helps and sorry for any confusion along the way.
We made a note on the order page of our web site, but if anyone has the new shield and old MAF housing, please call for help.

If you have any install questions please feel free to call me direct @ 757 335 1940.

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