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First up is a very nice 2 piece brake upgrade for the Shelby GT500 with the Wilwood 6 Piston Brake System and its pretty impressive for the price. This kit has 6 piston calipers and sophisticated 2 piece rotors to help cut down on the rotor weight. We've yet to personally test this brake system after having brought them aboard but if they are what Shelby claims, then they should give you some fun on the track.

Next up is an awesome new wheel we just brought into our stock in Atlanta. We now have on the Shelf as I speak the new Chrome Shelby CS70 Wheels which simply look amazing in our opinion when compared to the painted finishes they offered before. Here the Chrome 20X9 Chrome CS70 and the Chrome 20X10 Shelby CS70. Wheel has a great old school feel and we are selling them much faster than we anticipated

This grille by TruCarbon is simply awesome looking installed and everyone here is in love with this product for the price. You have to take a look at the 2013-2014 GT500 TruCarbon Carbon Fiber Upper Grille!

Well the Super Snake Style Wheels are back at least sort of. We now have the BMC Mamba Snake Wheels in sets of four and are also offering wheel and tire packages. One cool thing I can can say is that we have about 30 sets of Genuine 50 Year Alcoa Shelby center cap sets left and they don't make these anymore! Great time to pick up a replica wheel that seems to have great quality and will give you that close to genuine look if you grab our authentic caps with them.

Mamba Snake Wheels Installed

Last is a really cool concave wheel that we have brought in by Niche Wheels and it is called the Niche Lucerne Wheels and they clear the big brakes found on he Shelby GT500 and look incredible. We had an awesome customer send us some photos of the wheel tire package installed that he purchased from us and they look great. You might also notice the Carbon Fiber hood he bought from us as well which simply sets of his ride.

Anyway that is a run down on some of the newest Shelby products that we have recently added and we are bringing even more new inventory and products in just about a week! Check things out.
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