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With about a year of work by some of our developers we have just launched phase 1 of our Cruizin V2.0 Mustang Parts site. We made some navigation upgrades and the layout was intended to be more mobile friendly as well. We will be adding hundreds of new official Shelby Parts and many more Shelby related products at least as far as fitment.

We are tying to focus on better service and are currently hiring more customer service representatives to give everyone the assistance and attention they need. We are trying to get better at things and we also improved upon our relatively new 365 Day Returns Program as well and Just started a new 1 Year Price Guarantee. Stay tuned though because our CEO is has staged for 2,000 new parts and accessories to be integrated into our new online catalog in just the next 4 months!

Screen shot of the new site below:

To show our appreciation to the community I'm going to be posting some crazy stupid deals starting tomorrow! Stay tuned because some of the stuff we will be doing will be one day offers only.
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