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I'm going to cover how I detailed the car and did my paint correction. I'm sure theres many of you who have your own method and others who have never done it. This was a simple, but effective way to do it. It's not the only way out there and it's not neccesarily the best, but it's yielded the best results for me. First I'll go over the process, the products used, then lessons learned.

Note: Everything should be done in the shade if possible. Under a sun shade or in a garage, if available.
1) Wash the car. Use a hand mit, either microfiber or animal fur. Rinse the car, wash it, rinse from the top down, wash again, rinse once more. Wash rims/tires too, but dont use degreaser. They're harsh on the rims/tires and overspray is harsh on brakes/rotors/car paint. Degreaser is also heavily corrosive. If degreasing is needed, a little dawn dish soap in fresh water is ok, but only on rims/tires.
2) Dry the car with a clean microfiber towels. Chamois are ok too, but the microfiber is preferred. Just not a regular towel. This is also done from the top down, unless in the sun. Then from the side in direct sunlight first. 90% dry is ok. Water spots will be removed in the process later.
3) If you have matte stripes, tape them off at the edges. All the products from here on will ruin the matte. 3M painters tape is no tac residue, but will stay on, even with a buffer over it. 2in tape at least is the ideal size to cover enough. If you have smaller stripes, use smaller tape and overlap for greater coverage in larger areas.
Note: Everything from here on must be done in a cool dry area, not in direct sun light, or it wont come out right. Also, once you begin, you cannot stop until the wax goes on or it wont come out correct.
4) Clay bar the entire car. This is how you decontaminate the paint. Use plenty of bar lube, quick detailer works best. Use a microfiber towel to dry and buff the detailer off after the bar is used. Work in 2-4 ft sections at a time. When done correctly, the paint will be incredibly smooth to the touch when dry.
Note: the next 4 steps can be done by hand, but it will be VERY difficult due to how hard the clear coat is. A DA(dual action) orbital polisher is ideal. 3in or 6in pad can be used.
5) Use a correction compound and correction pad to begin removing swirls and slight scratches. Prime the pad with a few marble size drops and begin working the paint. Move in an overlapping pattern up and down, in a 2ft-4ft square area. Then cover the same area left to right, overlapping. Repeat the up/down, left/right once more. Continue with entire car. Then buff off remaining compound by hand with micro fiber towel.
6) Use a polishing compound and correction pad. Repeat the same steps as above.
7) Using a carnauba(must be carnauba, its the best for the car) wax and a polishing pad. Apply wax in the same method as the previous 2 steps. Using a microfiber buffing pad, buff the hazed wax off.
8) Using a ceramic wax, polishing pad, and buffing pad repeat waxing steps again.
Note: The carnauba will help to fill and seal any micro imperfections in the paint and the ceramic will put a hydrophobic coat on the car.
9) Remove the tape and carefully remove any residue along the edge that may have built up.
10) Clean all matte with a matte detailer and a microfiber cloth.
11) Clean all glass with glass cleaner and apply rainx sealant to the outside only(not the cleaner/seal combo) both using a microfiber cloth, not paper products.
12) Treat all black plastics with plastic restorer using microfiber.
13) Polish chrome/chrome plastics with never dull. When using on plastic, rub a bit lighter. Polish both with microfiber.
14) Clean/polish rims with the same quick detailer used for the clay bar and a microfiber.
15) Treat tires with tire shine and microfiber.

-Meguiars Gold Standard Car Wash Soap
-Dawn Dish Soap (if needed)
-Mothers Clay Bar 2.0 (not actually clay, so no accidental leftover clay on the car)
-Mothers Quick Detailer Spray
-Meguiars Ultimate Compound
-Meguiars Ultra Finishing Polish (205)
-Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax
-Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax
-Never Dull
-Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Shine.
-Griots Ultra Premium Glass Cleaner (aerosol)
-Rainx Water Repellent
-Meguiars Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer
-Groits Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher
-Griots polisher pads: Orange - Correction, Red - Polish, Black Microfiber - Buff
-Polisher Pad Brush (any brand)
-Griots Microfiber and Polish Pad Cleanser

Lessons Learned:
  • a good wash is key
  • microfiber is the way to go and there are full size towels
  • clean pads frequently for best results
  • allow polisher to do the work, if it's not spinning, it's not working correctly. Polisher will spin and gyrate, must be doing both.
Hope this helps those who are interested.

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Fantastic! Thanks Leo! (y)

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Thank you, this is going to be a good reference point for me.
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