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It's been awhile since I've owned a Mustang (but I've owned 3 late-models, so I'm a fan), and I'm looking to get back into the game. I'm seeking advice and information here b/c obviously you guys love these cars, or you wouldn't have purchased one.

Why do I want a convertible? Simple... b/c I don't have one. I have a hard-top car that is ridiculously fast (for me, at least). I realize if I wanted _max_ performance, I'd get a coupe. I'll sacrifice (a little) of that for the ability to put the top down.

Give me some "have to do's" as far as mods go. I would like to get the thing to 550-575+rwhp. Not enough to where I am going through a clutch every 5k miles, but most likely I'll get some drag radials for it and use those as the daily tires, since this will not be a daily driver. Can I expect this car to hook relatively well with that kind of power and DRs on the street? Or, am I going to have to do lots of suspension mods? I am not concerned about hooking from a dig, but more from a 20mph roll in 2nd.

1) I do NOT want to install aftermarket headers. The stock exhaust manifolds will stay.
2) I live in an emissions-nazi zone. Therefore, going cat-less is not an option
3) I am not sure I even want to do a cat-back, unless there is REALLY one that does not "drone"... although with the top-down, it may not be a huge deal anyway.

Looks like an TVS Stage 1 setup from Evolution Perf would be more than ample for what I want.

How quick would a 'vert be in the 1/4 with 575-600rwhp? 125mph through the traps, maybe? Will the stock clutch hold up to this? Will it take too much boost to make this kind of power, given that I am not wanting to make exhaust mods to help flow on that side of the equation (knowing that exhaust mods would drop boost, all things being equal, and make more power).

How does the handling on these cars compare to the older platform? I hear good things... just haven't driven one yet.

Sorry for so many questions. Just want to make an informative purchase, given that nothing I own ('cept wife's vehicle) stays stock.
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