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So one of the small-town dealers I've been working with on the GT500 just called me (forgetting the fact that I'm on PST, and he's on DST)... :: stab ::

They've got a guaranteed GT500KR allocation, and no line for it right now.

So, if you wanna drop me a PM today, I can give you contact information.

They've got one guy who's tentatively interested, but hasn't done a drop of paperwork, and while their SYSTEM for rare cars sucks, the contact I've got there isn't totally evil, and would put you in the front of the line.

(Their method is to put you in a queue with a deposit holding your position, and they're *scared to death* to put a dollar value on what you'll actually pay... It's F-d up, but they're getting a KR, and will do paperwork with you)
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