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Just Saying Hi

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I have nothing interesting to say. Just wanted to be the first to post in a new forum and welcome any fellow Canadians (or anyone else who visits here). Can't wait to see the cars up close. All the pictures look awesome.

Sofa King
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Hi there Sofa_King (funny name by the way),
I'm here in Alberta and as far as I know I am getting a GT500. Are you certain that they are only going to be sold to SVT dealers, even though SVT is no longer going to exist after April 1st?
Also, any word on a Canadian MSRP? I've heard everything from $50,000 up to $65,000.
It's hard to find out any info from Ford Head Quarters....
Have a good one.
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Re: Just Saying Hi


Hi I'am fromTORONTO I called my dealer today #3 on list he said still no order guides yet. a year ago the first dealer I went to said the where not getting any because they where not svt? so I went to ford svt dealer and they had a list of #35 depoists already .so I went to another svt dealer and left a depoist there at #15 then found another where I am #3 . the msrp price is not officale yet but I heard it should be around $50,000 to $55,000 for the coupe.

Hey GT 500,
Did your SVT guy tell you that you would not have to pay over MSRP? I am # 5 here in Calgary (even though my login says #7) and my SVT guy says that I am not going to pay over MSRP, but I did talk to a nasty SVT guy in Edmonton who said that they were going to charge $30,000 above MSRP, based on what is going on in the States. Needless to say, I will NEVER consided buying anything from that sales guy or his dealership.
My SVT guy says the same for a Canadian MSRP, $50k - $55k. The A$$hole in Edmonton said it would be $60k - $65k + a $30K markup... I hope that he never sells one.
Anyway, best of luck to you.
What colour are you getting? I'm think the "Alloy" with Stripes or simply Black (I currently own an 01 Cobra Black/Black, which I am selling if you know of anyone who's looking)
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gt 500 said:
I have good news for fellow CANADIAN'S= I read at another canadian that went to the dealer ship where i have a depoist but has his esewhere the just wanted to know colors any the G.M. walked up to him the guy told him he didnot waste his time because has depoist somewhere else but G.M. still spoke with him he basickly said that he know's the marckup'sin the U.S.A and that in the U.S.A all ford dealers are able to get the gt500 in CANADA still only S.V.T dealers will get it.Meaning average dealer in U.S.A 2-3 in CANADA S.V.T dealers will get 10-20 and the 300 allocated to CANADA are our's and cant go back he said he expects 18 I am #15 there. Prices should be in 2-4 week's and the best new's of all is he said there is no markup accros CANADA!!!but we have 15% tax.BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!!
That's right gt 500,
I can confirm that Ford Canada is only selling through it's SVT dealers. As for the no markup across Canada, I hope that is true, but I think that I mentioned it in an earlier post that a SVT dealer in the northern half of Alberta was looking for a $30k markup. I hope that Ford of Canada enforces this no markup policy. Thanks for the good news. Have a good one. By the way, i like your colour choice. I think that I'd like to see that "Alloy" colour before i make my final choice.
Sofa King said:
I just got a notice this morning, from Ford, that Canadian order guides will be released on April 3. We won't have prices for a while, but I am going to try and order one right away. Our system will not accept our order if they are SVT only. I don't know when Ford will give allotments, but will post here when I find out.

Sofa King impatient
Thanks Sofa King! Good to know.
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