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Go get your Dec. 08 5.0 magazine now. :ninja:

JLT gets its rewards for persistence in this month 5.0.

Big thanks for the editors and publishers at Source Interlink Media for all the support.

KJ Jones and Steve Turner pick the top bolt-on for the GT500.
They install our JLT intake along with a pulley, exhaust and Diablosport tuner for some very impressive results.

KJ Jones works out the bugs on his Blown 2V project with JLT’s 110mm MAF kit

Also in Mike Johnson’s 5.0 showcase, we have 2 Shelby GT500’s and both are sporting JLT intakes. Congrats to those cars owners too.

Check out the 5.0 web site for great info, pics and blogs: 5.0.COM

Again, big thanks for the guys and gals over there! :rocker:
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