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With regret I gotta make this post. Some things are happening in my life with my health, to where I can no longer afford my 07, so its up for sale. Its unfortunate, I love this thing, the first REAL performance car I've owned. But things in life happen, and are more important than having this.

I still have a loan on this, $21K. It's a 07 with 38K on it. I got it when it was stock 2 years ago. This car is a work in progress but still drives, and I have absolutely everything needed for a tune, just not on the car.

Has a 10% lower, 2.8 upper already installed with a Gates green belt. I have injectors, VMP boost a pump, jlt intake, ford racing ported throttle body, spark plugs, aem wideband O2 with the gauge as well as a gauge pod for the drivers A pillar. I also have a SCT tuner for it. All these parts were bought new (except TB), and just needs to be installed. The car can be driven, just not at WOT. The clutch is still stock, nothing cosmetic has been done to this besides the sequential taillights (currently installed).
I've had all these parts for about 6 months, but with my current situation I havent been able to do anything to it. Oil changes done every 3K miles.

It has new pads and rotors on all 4 corners put on about 500 miles ago before I went away for storage. I do start this up every 2 weeks or so, but havent driven it since. Only thing bad is the drivers door panel has peeled, pretty common on these.

I'm not sure how much it's worth, but I would appreciate 27K for it, I think it's fair and it would greatly help. If anyone is seriously interested, you can message me. Please dont take advantage of my current situation, I dont have time for any of that.

Located in metro Detroit

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Nice car! Good luck with your sale.
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