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I posted this in the Pac NW thread. But perhaps this may be a better spot.

I am looking at options to improve my car. Like to get feedback and comments from you guys.

Handling upgrades
Since it is a vert, I find the handling a little on the soft side, and the body seems to flex more than i like around turns.

While improving handling, I also like to lower the car as it looks too jacked up.

I am looking at the Ford Racing GT500 handling pack, what do you guys think? Are there other options I should look at with reputable dealers in my area? After sales support is important for me in case there are complications.

I am looking at Ford racing power upgrade pack (CAI, Tune, Muffler). What do you think. The only reason considering this is because there is warranty from Ford. Does ford racing support pully upgrades?

I read about similar kits with tune that bring over 125HP from Steeda, Evo, JLT etc. Are there any dealers in WA that support them? Last thing I want is to have issues and the company is thousands of miles away.

Short Shifter
Ford racing makes 1. but so so many other vendors. Like some feedback.
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