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I just got back from the auto show in Tulsa featuring a Shelby GT500 convertible. The "Ford Guy" that travels around with the car was there, and I learned some real great news bits from talking with him:
1) Since the plug is being pulled on SVT as of April 1, the Shelbys will be distributed to ALL Ford dealerships. That's right, every single dealership (3,900) will get at least one (so start calling around because lots of them don't even have a waiting list yet)
2) The "unofficial" MSRP will be $40K for the coupe and $45K for the vert (I was expecting it to creep up to $49K on the coupe due to demand, so I'll be real excited to see it come in at $40K). Now we'll just have to find a dealer who won't mark it up too high above the MSRP!
3) He spoke of test numbers that exceed anything I've read so far regarding performance (0-60 of 4.1sec and the quarter mile in 11.5sec). I don't know if that's hyped a little or not.
4) Color options will be similar to the Ford GT (Red/white, Blue/White, White/Blue, Yellow/Black, Black/White, and Silver/Tungsten)
5) The only leather color inserts will be red. Any other color scheme will only get the black interior.
6) They will only produce about 7500 this year and 7500 next year, and that's it. There will not be any 2009 models produced, as originally stated.
And as others have posted, the ordering info is now getting to most of the dealers!
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