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Used Steeda Tri Ax from my GT500. Works great. Had a chance to try the FRPP KR unit and I think it's pretty much a toss up. (Actually, the Tri-Ax is a little more mechanical but more positive in the throws but the benefits aren't so much that I'm going to pay to go back to the Steeda.)

From Steeda's site:

Like the tens of thousands of Tri-Ax shifters that came before it, this Tri-Ax carries over many of the same great features like an extremely short throw, precise action, our two-position handle height, and internal spring tension to assist you in never missing 3rd gear! This last feature is exclusive to the Steeda Tri-Ax for current Mustangs and not found in any other shifter!

The factory steel mounting rail is replaced with a substantial billet beam for more positive location; and upgraded bushings are supplied to further reduce deflection under hard shifting. Urethane bushings are included for less defection and a more positive feel. The Shifter base, top plate and beam are all CNC machined by Steeda from Billet 6061 Aluminum.

Retail is $309.

I'll take $175, shipped to the lower 48.

Grab it before it goes on eBay.
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