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Frankfurt 2007: Ford Verve Concept visits the stage

click above image to view live high-res shots of the Ford Verve Concept
Ford of Europe's upcoming new small car will no doubt incorporate the automaker's "Kinetic" design language, and the Verve Concept is supposed to preview for us what it will look like. In fact, the Verve is really meant to elicit feedback that will ultimately shape the final production form. What's good or bad about the design? Sound off in the comments, as Ford is listening. For our part, while we've always been a fan of the "Kinetic" design language, the Verve takes those cues and cranks them up to 11, particularly on the front end with that gaping grille. The Iosis-inspired headlights are always appreciated, but on the wee tiny nose of the Verve they're a bit overwhelming. That said, we'd guess those elements would be toned down before it hits the showrooms, so there could be a very handsome production car hiding inside this concept.
We've also learned the Verve is the first of three concepts that Ford will be unveiling in various markets this year, the next two coming in Asia and North America. The one destined for North America will probably debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and we're betting it's the Fiesta Concept that will preview a production Fiesta for U.S. consumption in a few years.
Check out our live shots of the Verve in the gallery below and Ford's official press release after the jump.
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