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Since we lost our permanent link to the forum rules with the software update, here is a “stickied” thread with our rules:

Welcome to! This forum is for sharing, learning and having FUN! In an effort to make your stay here the best experience possible, we have the following rules:

1. Be respectful. No flaming!

2. Corrections to other’s information should not be condescending in nature. You are expected to remain civil and express your thoughts in a mature manner at all times.

3a. Submit threads in proper sub-forums. The General sub-forum is for general GT500 threads that do not fit in any other sub-forum. A thread about tires should be placed in the wheel/tire sub-forum. Some threads have multiple options like: Regional/Events/Pics-Videos/etc. Use good discretion. Also select the proper prefix: “07-14” for S197 GT500s, “2020+” for S550 GT500s or “ALL.”

3b. Thread titles need to be relevant to what is in the body of the thread. If it isn’t, expect a moderator to tweak it. This not only allows for members to better decide which posts they would like to read, but it also aids in finding pertinent information in future searches, i.e “search by title.”

4. Threads are expected to be kept on the original topic. If you want to discuss a different subject, create a new thread in the proper sub-forum.

5. Posting pornography (ANYTHING over PG13) is prohibited.

6. Non-Supporting vendors are not allowed to post about available products or services on the forum. They can offer advice, but not steer members to their products or websites. These posts will be deleted and the poster’s account disabled.

7. The staff reserves the right to edit or delete any post/thread/etc. we deem necessary.

8. If you disagree with the actions of the staff, express your concerns privately. We are always willing to listen. However, public bashing/criticism of the staff will be deleted and possibly end in your ban. If you comment in a thread about a PM from a staff member regarding an infraction or someone’s ban, it will result in an infraction or your ban.

9. Taking “shots” at staff will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: 1. Direct and indirect shots/calling out/flaming on the forum. 2. Taking shots at staff on other social media (other forums, Facebook, etc. 3. Calls/voicemails, messaging or emailing in a negative/disrespected manner. Any of the above will result in infractions or ban.

10. No spam in signatures or anywhere else on the site.

11. Reviving old threads back from the dead is prohibited. The definition of “old” will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the moderators. If you can not reasonably infer what constitutes an “old thread” ask a moderator. Nuisance bumping of threads is also prohibited. "Nuisance" is at the discretion of the moderators.

12. Rude and/or profane language/bypassing the profanity filter is strictly prohibited including words embedded in pictures. If you have a concern that something you want to post may be beyond the accepted limits ask a moderator.

13. Racial slurs are prohibited.

14. Comments about the price or condition of an item for sale in the classifieds are prohibited unless the OP asks for opinions. If you believe the price is too high express your concerns privately.

15. If you have been banned for any reason, even for one you believe to be incorrect, do not start another username. A ban is not an invitation to start a new account, and if the ban was temporary doing such could result in it being made permanent. If you have any questions or concerns about being banned or receiving infraction points, privately contact the moderator that was responsible for the banning/infraction.

16. One username per member.

Although the staff of will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the staff, VerticalScope Inc. or XenForo will be held responsible for the content of any message.

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy!
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