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Discussion Starter #1 guys get to play together. I don't care who 'chairs' your group but here's the deal. It's a flash sale. A VERY quick sale that is good from now until Sunday night only. No stragglers, no 'I didn't see it'.

1. VMP GEN II TVS. If you come to me with a minimum of 5 sales you'll get a never before deal. I will do up to 7 at this price. I'm not going to put the price in writing and neither can you so we protect our dealers. Email me...don't PM me...and let me know that you are the 'chair' for the group. I will give you the price. You will need to get all 5 paid for by Sunday night at midnight (8/7). Email is [email protected]

2. VMP Triple pass/Dual fan heat exchangers. If this summer's heat didn't make you realize the importance of a performance heat exchanger, you're not beating your car hard enough.

Same deal. Pick a 'chair'. Have the chair contact me. The minimum quota is 5 units and I will do as many as 10 units at this price. Same email. NO PMs.

Last, I got a deal on some selected Kooks systems. If you want a SMOKING deal on a Kooks header system, hit me up on email. If I still have something for your car, you'll get a major deal. Quantities, supplies and variety is extremely limited. No group deal here...just email with your needs.

Happy shopping.

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