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I upgraded to the TVS and have my original evolution stage 2 for sale. It breaks down as follows.

JLT intake-used
Aux. idler pulley- new, as I used the old one with the new TVS
NGK TR6 Plugs- new, used the old ones with the new TVS
SCT 3- programmed with 91 and optional 93 octane tune
2.6"pulley-used, and will need to purchase a new hub from metco because I'm not comfortable selling a used hub as I wouldn't be comfortable buying a used one. They run $93.99 on metco's site and the part # is MSPHUB.

Everything is in new condition and it has approximately 500 miles on the kit. As you problably know, it sells from evolution for $1,150.

I am asking $700. and you will have to buy the metco hub so you would have $800. into it out the door.

E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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