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Hello all! Picking up my new to me 2011 gt500 next week, an absolute dream come true! Got fortunate enough to trade with someone in Jersey who is getting my racered GTCS (and cash on top of course). It is SGM with a stripe delete, and also had the SVTPP. Following mods include:

2011 Shelby GT500

1 of only 232 Sterling Gray Metallic stripe delete cars.

43,830 miles

Car came from Southern California before I bought it and is absolutely immaculate. Still smells new inside.


2.3 TVS Trinity Blower Swap

2.67 Pulley

90 MM Metco Idler Pulley

Stock 11/12 Injectors

VMP Boost a Pump

123MM JLT Carbon Fiber Intake

Super Cobra Jet Monoblade Throttle Body

Dual JLT Catch Cans

VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger

C&R big aluminum radiator


Stock Manifolds

3” JBA H-Pipe (with gutted cats and 02 extenders - no CEL)

3” Magnaflow OTA’s

Roush Axleback (Car is extremely loud)


One piece Aluminum Driveshaft from the Driveshaft Shop

Ford Racing Strut Tower Brace (impossible to find)

MGW Shifter

McLeod RXT Clutch

McLeod Stainless Clutch Line

Upgraded Larger 13/14 Rear Brake Calipers/Rotors


SVT Performance Pack Car

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Eibach Camber Bolts

Whiteline Fixed Rear Lower Control Arms

Whiteline Relocation Brackets

BMR Adjustable Panhard Bar

Undercarriage photos were before Panhard bar and Eibach Springs were installed


Tuned by JDM Engineering of Freedhold, NJ. Car makes 638/605 to the wheels on a 93 pump gas tune. Have 93 Performance tune with rear 02’s turned on currently loaded onto the car.

Previously had a 2014 mustang gt cs, so this is a substantial upgrade to say the least! Look forward to being part of the community!

Pics below include both of our cars when we first met up, red car is my old gtcs, SGM is my new baby.


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View attachment 225304
Fantastic! Welcome to the forum and congrats on entering the wonderful world of SHELBY! 🤟

Thanks for introducing yourself and showing us your new toy!

Please click your upper right avatar/account settings/vehicle details and enter your car year. It then shows under your screen name, which helps in conversations here. We cover multiple years of the GT500 on this forum.

Also, we encourage everyone to put their first name in their signature to make this place more friendly. Holler if you have any forum questions.
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