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As i'm told many S197/GT500 owners have the same problem I found on my '08GT500 this past summer with a "clunk" noise coming from the rear; turns out the cheap rubber bushings on my lower rear endlinks were shot. I went the route of Energy Suspension replacement bushings for the stock links and fought terribly to press on the lower bushings (24mm) only to find once pressed the inner diameter became barely 22mm and was impossible to refit onto the swaybar. Ended up buying a 24mm cutter to bore the lowers, fit was good but still not to my liking so I made my own using the wider 24mm swaybar bushing size and Ford bushing bracket. MUCH easier to install/change, fits better, wider holding and upper sleeve is beefier 1/2" and actually fits the hole size on the frame with no drilling or slack.
Test-driving today before winter storage, in/out of the garage= No clunk and super firm and tight, unlike ever before.
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