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I got a similar package several weeks after buying my GT350. Had the same pictures, advertisements, etc. and instead of the supercharger scrolls set up I got a stand with the flat-plane crank sitting in it with my chassis number inscribed in the stand, like yours. I didn't get a tool kit! Cheap bastards! LOL! Once you get your CFTP unit you can give this kit to the new owner of your "less desirable" GT500! All newly purchased GT350 owners got the kit.

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Very cool.

It would be cooler if they included an extra "red-key" in there. :)

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I got mine yesterday, chassis # is off by 2.
Well then you got the wrong car.:p
Welcome to the Nuthouse.
Funny Dave! 馃ぃ
I'm sure i'm not the only one.
I鈥檝e read around the interwebs that others have had this problem. They鈥檝e indicated that the VIN certificate is correct, but the chassis data plate is off. I鈥檓 sure Ford Performance would send you a correct data plate if you call them.
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