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2007 GT500, 5.8L L&M Engine, Full CorteX suspension, Baer 6S, Recaro Seats & lots more!
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1) Belt chirp is caused by the print on the (fresh) belt running over the non-grooved pulleys. It disappears when the engine/belt warms up or gets worn a bit. Take a piece of ScotchBrite and gently rub the print off a bit. It will improve. 2) If it's a 2.6 pulley and a stock size 10-rib belt is used, the tensioner might not be able to keep up the slack. Then it's just out of reach to keep the tension on resulting in belt slip, even with the aux pulley installed. Be careful not to hit the rev limiter with a sloppy tensioner/belt. It might cause a lot of damage. BTW: Best to never hit the rev limiter at all.... the crank snout doesn't like that. Solve the sloppy belt issue by using a shorter belt and check tensioner travel in both directions. With a stock belt, the tensioner should be at 50% position @ engine off. With an RPM belt, the tensioner should be at 25-20% position. The RPM belts are stretching less. Check Revan Racing website for RPM belts.If you decide to go RPM, install a fresh tensioner too. ARS and Thump are the way to go.
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