This is such a fantastic car, but I'm looking to get a 992 GT3 IF this sells. Not enough room in garage for another car. More details about my GT500 below.

The car has been babied and very gently driven, most of the miles were driving the car from dealer straight to PPF shop, and then back home after they finished. Since then I took it out to a park to take some photos once when the weather was nice. It has been in storage in my garage the rest of the time.

The car is very well protected. I had a very skilled installer for PPF, most installers use pre-cut kits but on this car on most panels a kit wasn't used, the ppf wraps around edges of panels so you can't see the seems. The wheels also have PPF on them. The full car is ceramic coated with 2 layers of ceramic pro, including wheels, brake calipers and wing. As you can see in the photos, the car glows orange and feels very slick to the touch. The car also has full tints all around. Additionally there is sliplo splitter protection installed. I also upgraded the stripes to higher quality big worm stripes vs stock stripes. A total of ~$10,000 was spent for all of this. The PPF has 10 year warranty. I paid 10k over MSRP for the car and then an additional 10k to protect it to an extreme level because I'm OCD about such things. My cost including the aftermarket stuff to protect it, taxes, title etc etc is ~$130,000 out the door. I have driven this car very gently about 3 times only, and I'm selling for 126k (but willing to hear offers). Please keep in mind I literally drove this car a couple of times so I'm not willing to lose much vs my out the door cost. Think about how much you would be willing to lose after gently driving a car home from a dealer, and then taking it out once only.

If you don't value PPF and ceramic I'd suggest finding a new one, but if you plan to do all the things I already did then I think this is a great buy and available today. Please contact me if you are a serious buyer only.

Note: I also have an official shelby car cover. Other fun things you get include a 3ft tall steel garage cobra with matching build number in car as pictured and a mini replica of the car as pictured. OH and I do have an oil filter in case your local dealer can't source one. I'm located in SE Michigan, no test drives unless you're ready to buy. My mileage is under 200, however in mid June I may take this to some car shows so mileage may go up. Thanks for considering.