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i THINK the only supercharger you can install on a 2V 4.6 is a external centrifugal one.

Department Of Boost, DOB, makes a intake to bolt on a GT500 M122, TVS 2.3 and other bigger ones on both the 3V 4.6 and the 5.0 coyote motors.
i have a BOD intake with a ported TVS on my forged motor 08 Bullitt mustang. makes 650 rwhp on pump 93 octane gas.

ford makes a OEM intake, and i THINK there might be a aftermarket one also, to do this on a 4V motor. matbe upgrade to 4V heads and go this route.
4V heads will bolt to your block. you will probably need new pistons, a different timing cover and pulley drive system also.

i would suggest looking for a SN95 forum or a 4.6 2V forum for more info.
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