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Sad to say the day has finally come to start looking for a new home for my beloved child, for no other reason than moving on to a new chapter in life with vehicles. I do not need to sell the car and I know it's tough to price a car that has this much done to it, I'm sure this isn't the best place to list this heavily modified of a Shelby but I have to start somewhere. Located in upstate NY, starting by throwing out a price of 45k and open to any offer.

No expenses spared or corners cut. Car has always been tuned by Lund and drives seamlessly as if they made the GT500 with an auto option from the factory, car is run by a 2011-2014 auto PCM in order to control the transmission. A lot of stuff to list and have pictures and documentation for everything, if seriously interested I can send endless pictures of everything ever done to the car.

Car makes just over 900 hp to the wheels on current set up on E85 fuel, can be “turned down” by switching to a larger pulley and also switched to 93 octane tune and the correct pulley. Everything on the car is built to handle well over 1000 hp to the wheels.


Built by Tommy Martino of "Martino Race Engines" in NJ in January of 2017.
  • 2008 5.4 iron block
  • Cobra jet crank
  • Manley H-Beam
  • ARP2000 rod bolts
  • Mahle Pistons
  • Custom ring set
  • Triangle speed shop oil pump gears and crank sprocket
  • L&M NSR cams
  • PMAS intake
  • Twin 67mm throttle body
  • VMP Gen3 blower (currently 2.4 pulley making 24psi)
  • Steeda triple pass dual fan heat exchanger
  • 90mm idler pulley
  • Additional adjustable tensioner pulley
  • American Racing headers
  • Fore innovations hat with twin 274 pumps
  • -8 feed and return
  • Fore innovation fuel rails
  • ID1300x injectors
  • Fore innovations fuel pressure regulator
  • Radium microglass filter
  • Ethanol % sensor
  • 6R80
  • Upgraded clutches
  • TCS billet intermediate shaft
  • Brass support bushings
  • Bluestreak forward billet planetary
  • Circle D converter (265mm 3200-3400 stall)
  • 2013-2014 select shift shifter
  • Aftermarket trans cooler with fan and -10 lines
  • BMR drag lowering springs
  • Viking warrior double adjustable rear shocks
  • BMR lower control arm relocation
  • BMR panhard bar
  • BMR upper panhard
  • URP adjustable upper control arm
  • URP lower control arms
  • BMR anti-roll bar
  • Strange single adjustable front shock
  • Front: Forgestar D5 17x5 with Micket Thompson ET Front 27.5x4
  • Rear: Forgestar D5 single beadlock 15x10 with Mickey Thompson ET Drag 28x10.5
  • Have stock SVT performance pack wheels, staggered 19/20
Post Transmission
  • Aluminum driveshaft shop driveshaft
  • Driveshaft loop
  • Stock 8.8 with 3.31 gears
  • Mosher 31 spline axles
  • ARP wheel studs
  • Ceramic coated body
  • 2013-2014 front bumper
  • Side/rear splitters
  • Aftermarket boost/vacuum gauge
  • nGauge interface
  • Glass roof
  • Rear seat delete (still have rear seats)
  • 4 point roll bar
  • Navigation
  • AC/Heat
  • Line lock
  • Off road X-Pipe
  • Borla ATAK mufflers

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Amazing car Kyle! Hopefully you find the right buyer to receive this beast!

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Thank you guys, hopefully I’ll come across someone that appreciates how much has gone into this.

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What is your best time in the 1/4?
I have yet to go with the most recent set up, but a little over 100 hp less and less suspension work I got a 10.1 @ 139, 1.5 60’ leaving in second gear. So my rough assumption with the new setup I think a 9.5 @ 145 is attainable

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WOW Man, this was a surprise to see.

Lots of $$$ in this build.

Top notch seller right here also.

GLWS Kyle.

Thank you Colin.

The decision snuck up on me as well, I had been debating it all last summer as well. I've had my fun with the high horsepower drag scene and am on to the next chapter in the motorized passion/hobby.

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Price drop, asking 38k
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