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Here's a new review on the 2008 Ford Mustang, from Topspeed, featuring info on the design, performance, equipment and other features of the new Mustang. Also available is a photo / wallpaper gallery.

"Ford unveiled today the 2008 specifications for the Mustang, the one and only pony car on the streets, and looks to stretch its segment leadership with new features for that personalized look and feel that Mustang enthusiasts love. One of the greatest automotive with best sales in America, the Mustang intends for 2008 to hold on to that sales leadership with new available features that will add personal appeal, including High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, 18-inch wheels on the V-6 coupe, and an interior ambient lighting system ..."

You can read the whole article here:
2008 Ford Mustang - Top Speed

And view the photos here:
2008 Ford Mustang wallpapers and high resolution photos - Top Speed
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