Mileage:4700 M
A little info I bought this GT500 when it was 1 year old and been temp controlled and loved 🥰.
I am a mechanic with lots of race car experience most of my life and one of the fussiest in how I build my cars and when I worked on others. Not quiet ready to retire but real close and looking at things differently. I have a few cars and know can’t drive them all so I will put my GT500 up and see what happens but I will promise you not giving it away but you will be getting a Machine not just a GT500 believe that. I hide everything I could making it look stock and runs easy 9 second passes on just 93 pump gas no meth no juice and especially no junk in this cars build.
Car drives like a normal GT500 until you drop the throttle! When you can take out a motorcycle in 100 feet on the highway your making big power. No rear wheel dyno crap the time clock at the track when ever I made changes tells the truth.
No it’s not some rattle trap track car it’s a mint Beautiful stock looking machine! With the power of a race car and will put it down to the ground with its complete bolt in suspension.
I can go on for days but here’s what you need to know.
Motorsports CJ short block, fully ported heads,intake,blower everything right to 2.3 Gen2 VMP blower something that most would never pay 💰 cause of all the thousands.
Trick everything in this engine while it has simple Ford GT cams.
FB fully built AODE transmission. 1-2-3 is always a manual shift up and down.
Triple disc torque converter to lock up on the fly wide open throttle.
Mark Williams Chrome moly drive shaft with all billet ends/1350 joints.
Currie 9” with strange center section/35 spline axles/ wave track posi and 3.73 gears.
Front to back BMR bolt in suspension, 3” exhaust with 4 mufflers keeping noise down with Kooks headers 1-7/8
I kept stock coil springs so it rides nice and how about a few years back when I was testing the car out it’s string of 60ft 1.34.
I have a pass with unleaded race gas of 9.49 143mph and a [email protected] mph with just 93 unleaded with not other help while still have O/D and lock up converter left Only used 1-2-3 in 1/4 mile.
Car is beautiful from top to inside to under suspension.
So there it is anybody wants more information on parts in my car you need to see it.
Car is a head turner in looks a machine with its power.