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  1. Problems or Dealer Service
    My car spent a month and a half at the Ford Dealership due to a supercharger pulley clutch failure, and then I got it back 3 weeks ago. Today I went out into the garage to crank my car, and when it cranked it had a wrench icon pop up. I killed it, cranked it again, and the wrench was still...
  2. Problems or Dealer Service
    Apologies if this is long winded, but I've had a very chaotic couple of days with my GT500 and wanted to share. So back in August I bought a 2020 GT500 from Carvana. Nothing unusual about the sale or the vehicle other than a rather ugly looking CAI that I soon replaced with a JCT CAI. Since...
  3. Problems or Dealer Service
    65k miles. Took the car 90 mph today and grinded the reverse gear trying to land 5th. TR-6060 is supposed to have a speed-controlled reverse lockout, not sure if mine wasn't working or if it's possible to overcome it. With car running, shifting into reverse with clutch fully engaged leads to a...
  4. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hi Everyone, So here is my situation , I own a 2012 GT500 The car has 57K on it ,My throw out bearing has been making noise for a while now and I'm sure its time for a new one. The Clutch is still grabbing about halfway with no issues I do not have any MODS except for CAT Delete .I don't race...
  5. Maintenance
    Hi guys! I want tó change the transmission oil at tr6060. The recommended oil at forum was the Mobil Atf Syntethic oil but I live in Europe and I can not here buy this oil. I can buy the Motul Multi Atf, this oil can be the Mercon V. What do you think of is it good for tranny, or wait 3 months...
  6. Problems or Dealer Service
    So I went under my car to put my H pipe on and noticed that my transmission pan was leaking a little bit wasn’t sure if this was a common issue on these Shelby’s?
  7. Maintenance
    In this video, I get my 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP up on my Bendpak 2-post lift. I walk through the workshop manual for servicing the Tremec TR9070 7 speed dual-clutch transmission and then service my transmission, which was low on fluid.
1-7 of 7 Results