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  1. Performance Modifications
    I recently purchased a 2022 GT500 and I noticed that the supercharger whine wasn’t anywhere near as loud as others, like the hellcat. I was wondering if there was any way to make the whine sound louder. I’m looking for something that will make the whine be heard from the inside and outside (not...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Hi Everyone, Looking to lean on the experience of those with more experience then me here... so I apologize in advance. I would like to add some modifications to my 2020 GT500, nothing crazy. Based on my own research and understanding none of these should require a tune, but please let me know...
  3. Maintenance
    I know some people prefer the AC Delco cheaper equivalent for the m122 Eaton supercharger oil, but Amazon has the Motorcraft oil currently for $30 & free shipping. 👍 Genuine Ford Fluid XL-4 Synthetic Supercharger Fluid - 4 oz...
  4. Maintenance
    Hi guys! I have a question for you. The supercharger oil change at warm after using like the engine oil, or can I change in cold state in garage? thank you very mouch!
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    I'm upgrading from the 2.8L Kenne Bell to the 4.2L, so I have the following for sale 1) Bare blower with 18.5psi pulley and 4.5" cold air intake & filter $1500, 2) Kenne Bell Dual 75mm Throttle Body $500, 3) Kenne Bell Dual Boost-a-pump $275, 4) Set of Ford OEM 2013/2014 GT500 Injectors...
    $2,450 USD
  6. Performance Modifications
    So I was trying to remove my stock pulley with some pullers we have and it just won’t budge, my car is unusable right now until I’m able to swap out for my smaller pulley! I live in Dalton, GA and I’m willing to drive up to 6 hours away to buy or borrow someone’s VMP Pulley Removal tool it’s...
  7. Performance Modifications
    Hello! I just picked up my 2012 GT500 a couple weeks ago and I’m wondering who has a head unit for sale? Obviously I want to go bigger. Car just has an upgraded heat exchanger an intake and a tune. I just got my pulley and throttle body in the mail but I’d like to nab a new supercharger so I...
  8. Performance Modifications
    Does anyone know where all the aftermarket blowers are? We saw teasers from Kenne Bell, Whipple, and VMP... but no products MONTHS later.
  9. Performance Modifications
    Hey all, I hope this message finds you all doing absolutely fantastic. I have a 2010 GT500 with a Gen5 3L Whipple and I just received my 3.125" Griptec pulley (Was running the 3.5" pulley with a 86" HD belt). I believe I am getting quite a bit of belt slip because there is black dust all in my...
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    looking to sell my 2013 stock blower along with the elbow , both ported and the blower has a 2.4 pulley already on it . Makes too much power for me I’ll rock my stock 11/12 blower . Edit I’m looking to get $1500 out of the combo and if there’s shipping costs that’s something you’ll have to cover
1-10 of 10 Results