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  1. Racing
    I was speaking with Alessandro who road races a S550 gt and has won Nationals with NASA and also has a s550 gt500. He recommended the super car 3 non r as an affordable sport cup 2 alternative. I was curious if anyone has also ran these on their gt500 and what their experience was? Thank you for...
  2. Suspension
    Prior to me purchasing these parts, there was little to no data/info in regard to suspension upgrades and track performance so hopefully this post helps someone out there. I installed vorshlag camber plates and steeda mag ride dual rate springs. My car was a base model and I was seeking less...
  3. Wheels & Tires
    Hello All, I just wrapped up my new setup, Apex wheels 20x11.5 square, OPM wheel studs in the front, OPM 25mm wheel spacers, Vorshlag camber plates, -3 camber in the front, -2 in the rear, Steeda springs. I will be posting a separate review in the suspension page after testing this weekend, car...
  4. Wheels & Tires
    Hello all, I have been looking into Apex racing wheels for a more agressive track fitment. To clear the front strut Apex states you need a 25mm spacer and extended studs with open end lugs. The rear requires no spacer. Was Curious if anyone has tried this setup yet? Thanks for any insight or help!
  5. Maintenance
    I road race my gt500, I have been doing oil changes every 3 track days. Car currently has motul 300v competition 5w-50. I was curious how often everyone changes their trans, diff and engine oil. If you consistently track your car, thanks for any first hand experience!
  6. Racing
    I have been running my car in hpde (road course events), I was curious what people run far as what drive modes. In the track setting the car really struggled for traction. In sport mode traction management was much better but, the suspension dampening/shifting is not as aggressive. Any first...
  7. Racing
    Craziest track day to date for me! Eagles Canyon Raceway in TX hosted an Advanced Performance Driving Day at their track with 2 groups: orange & yellow for 5 sessions. I was placed in the top (yellow) group with 2 Porsches (a GT3 & a Turbo S). We had a ZO6 with us for the 1st session, but he...
1-7 of 7 Results