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  1. General GT500 Discussions
    Hey All, So I have been presented with an interesting situation.... Some background: I have a 2020 Shadow Black GT500 and it was in for service, during this service someone took it for a drive and put 3 rock chips in the vehicle (somewhat minor). The vehicle has some other very bad rock chips on...
  2. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hey Everyone, I just bought a 2020 Shadow Black GT500 last week. Unfortunately, the previous owner had drilled holes in the front bumper (between the tow hook slot and GT500 indentation) on the black piece in the middle of the grill. I found and ordered the part through my Ford dealer and am...
  3. Non-Performance Modifications
    We are now in week 2 and the painted stripes are coming a long here in Southern California. My wife was looking at me a bit crazy having a brand new car with 25 miles on it taken apart 😂
1-3 of 3 Results