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  1. Maintenance
    hello every one my father has about 2K miles on his car so far and was curious when he should do his first oil change and how often after that. and I thought I remember hearing about a oil consumption test ford does to make sure it running correctly? or is that for the gt350's. he will be racing...
  2. Other Mustangs
    I take you inside my garage to show how to lift a 2000 Cobra R and then take you through the steps for a successful oil change on this rare bird!
  3. Maintenance
    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum. So I ordered an FL-2087 Oil filter from Amazon for my 2022 Shelby GT-500, and guess what?! It didn't come with the required o-rings for the oil filter housing *sigh. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me information of the O-ring's diameter ? Thanks...
  4. Maintenance
    Put the 09 up on jacks front end only. Drained and refilled with Castrol 5w-50 plus motor craft filter (prefilled filter) 1/2- 3/4 up before screwing it back on. Put the remaining oil in totaled 6.5 qt. Dipstick is currently messing right at the bottom tier circle. Do I leave it or add more...
  5. Maintenance
    Just did my 3rd oil change on the car. I previously made this video. I'm adding some tidbits below.
1-5 of 5 Results