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  1. Pics and Vids
    Group of video clips that my son took while I was on the track at NJMP HPDE event
  2. Racing
    Chris ( @Dreams2Reality ) & I having an epic fun time on the track. Both of us were learning this track for the first time & for the last session we had a ton of fun. Video is a little long, but I think we put on a good show. Can only imagine what it sounded like with the two Shelby's screaming...
  3. Racing
    Ok, the culmination of a full day learning with an instructor. He approached and gave me the option to do my First solo. Practically had an empty track which was nice. Best lap was #8, but times don’t mean anything…….yet. Still have SOOOO much to learn. I went in thinking it was all about the...
  4. Racing
    He couldn't stick hand out for point by's so he got turn signal exception. The little I watched of their group, this was a non-issue as he did most of the passing. Also, nothing like bringing your own pit crew to HPDE!
  5. Racing
    First track day is now done. Had an amazing time & looking forward to booking another next month. 1.9 mi track at NJMP 76 laps total over 6 sessions, I was exhausted by the end & burned thru 3 full tanks of fuel. 1 hr cooldown betw sessions. Learned a lot from an awesome instructor who was a...
  6. Racing
    FINALLY, booked my 1st track day! May 8th at NJMP with an instructor. (luckily I've done a few laps with him before) 6 x 20 min sessions on a track that I've previously done 6 laps on in a GT500. If all goes welll, will book a few more sessions before track attack in August. What else do I...
  7. Racing
    ✅ First time driving a GT500 ✅ First time on a track NJ Motorsports Park xTreme xPerience event It was an absolute blast to run on the track. Consider this my “test drive” before delivery 😃
  8. Racing
    I just signed up for a May session with their GT500. Supposedly it’s their fastest car around the track currently despite all the “super cars” they provide. Anyone on here ever do one of their sessions at NJMP in Millville? Going to be on the lightning track. Will be my first time driving a...
1-8 of 8 Results