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  1. Maintenance
    I know some people prefer the AC Delco cheaper equivalent for the m122 Eaton supercharger oil, but Amazon has the Motorcraft oil currently for $30 & free shipping. 👍 Genuine Ford Fluid XL-4 Synthetic Supercharger Fluid - 4 oz...
  2. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hello! Some good place near Pittsburgh/shadyside area where service my shelby? I need to do some maintenance but I am reading some reviews of some Ford dealers and I am not sure if a want to take my car there 😅. Thanks!
  3. Maintenance
    In this video, I show how to flush & fill both coolant systems in an S197 GT500 (engine and intercooler). I also cover the recent Motorcraft coolant change from orange and green to yellow. The video finishes with some spirited runs to work out the coolant air bubbles.
1-3 of 3 Results