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  1. Maintenance
    hello every one my father has about 2K miles on his car so far and was curious when he should do his first oil change and how often after that. and I thought I remember hearing about a oil consumption test ford does to make sure it running correctly? or is that for the gt350's. he will be racing...
  2. Maintenance
    Hi all! Im swapping the plugs on my 2010 as im misfiring intermittently under half throttle (confirmed with scan tool.) i bought the car in january this year and finally getting through all the maintenance stuff and piece of mind stuff. Currently installed are the NGK TR6’s. I bought the ford...
  3. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hey Everyone, I found an oil leak in the circled location, have some close ups too. I cannot tell where it is coming from, and it drains into the valley beneath and to the right of the supercharger. Sorry for the quality of the photos getting any lighting/phone in the area is difficult. Any...
  4. Maintenance
    I know some people prefer the AC Delco cheaper equivalent for the m122 Eaton supercharger oil, but Amazon has the Motorcraft oil currently for $30 & free shipping. 👍 Genuine Ford Fluid XL-4 Synthetic Supercharger Fluid - 4 oz...
  5. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hello! Some good place near Pittsburgh/shadyside area where service my shelby? I need to do some maintenance but I am reading some reviews of some Ford dealers and I am not sure if a want to take my car there 😅. Thanks!
  6. Maintenance
    In this video, I show how to flush & fill both coolant systems in an S197 GT500 (engine and intercooler). I also cover the recent Motorcraft coolant change from orange and green to yellow. The video finishes with some spirited runs to work out the coolant air bubbles.
1-6 of 6 Results