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  1. Racing
    A couple of us GT500 drivers just signed up for the amazing Circuit Of The Americas in Austin TX! This is the only permanent F1 track in the US and is a bucket list track! If anyone is interested, you can sign up here:
  2. Racing
    Ride along in a 760hp 2020 Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Pack in the advanced red group with Edge Addicts at the iconic Circuit Of The Americas track in Austin Texas! Footage is captured from 7 camera locations including a chase car as well as a GoPro 360 Max that provides a unique panning...
  3. Racing
    The most technical/most challenging track in N. America! My 1st time back on track post mishap (crash into creek). This track is full of blind hills/turns and surrounded by walls/barriers. The day starts in the rain… the most challenging track is wet and I’m driving a 760 hp Shelby on Sport Cup...
  4. Racing
    I take you on a tour of Ozarks International Raceway, often referred to as the most technical track in North America as well as the Nurburgring of the U.S.! This 3.97 mile track has 19 turns, 1200' elevation change and is full of blind hills and turns. It is lined with unforgiving barriers and...
  5. Racing
    I head out to MSR Cresson on well worn SC2 tires with a GoPro 360 Max camera slapped on the roof for a unique look at a track day. I also have another GoPro recording the digital dash which is then inlayed in the 360 footage. I was in the advanced group with a green light to pass anywhere on...
1-5 of 5 Results