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  1. General GT500 Discussions
    Obviously might be a bit biased here, and you can imagine the answers on the AMG forum, but wanted to get some thoughts from you all! I currently have a ‘16 AMG C63S sedan tuned by Renntech (4.0l bi turbo v8 - 600hp/640tq). I have had it since 2017 and put 15k miles on it (got it 1 year...
  2. General GT500 Discussions
    Im just curious I am trying to buy a Heritage and I am. Not sure what I should pay over sticker? My local dealer in Los Angeles has one. Im trying to negotiate but not sure what is a fair price over sticker? Please help….
  3. Other Fords
    Very cool site.....tons of images & brochures
  4. General GT500 Discussions
    So, I’m curious of everyone who is ordering a Heritage Edition, what attracted you to it vs a non-HE? Use the poll in this thread. Feel free to elaborate or post if you had another reason you want it.
1-4 of 4 Results