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  1. Problems or Dealer Service
    I have recently replaced my oem clutch with a mcleod RXT. A local speed shop did the clutch, flywheel, pilot bearing, slave cylinder and throwout bearing as well. Since the swap, the car is fine going through the gears when cruising, pulls hard, engagement feels very good on startup. Though when...
  2. Canada Forum
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for my dad's 1967 Shelby GT 500. The VIN is 67400f2400886. My dad sold his car in 1974 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We do believe that made its way to eastern Canada. I would greatly appreciate any information or direction that you give me in the hunt for the Shelby. Cheers!
  3. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys got a couple questions. I got my VMP 2.5 pulley for my stock blower for my 2012 GT500 along with the 90mm idler. I’ve got a couple questions. 1. How much of a pain in the rear is it to do yourself? What tools are needed (I have the VMP pulley change kit and I feel I can do that more so...
  4. Performance Modifications
    Hello guys, I’m in need of help and I’m not sure if it can be provided but either way I might as well ask. So I ordered a 67mm twin jet TB from VMP and long story short I went to adjust the voltage adjuster (I was not aware they came basically plug and play) and as soon as I went to crank it...
  5. Problems or Dealer Service
    Hello everyone, Today was a crazy day for me. A couple days ago I noticed an issue with my 2014 GT500. I noticed that when at low RPMs and then stepping on the gas the car was not pulling. Like the sensation of a roller coaster drop. At first I thought the car was just loosing tracking...
1-5 of 5 Results