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  1. General GT500 Discussions
    Long time NASCAR fan, and had just seen a clip from the 08' Cup season. Now I know where Shelby got their inspiration from for the 08-09' KR carbon fiber splitter! That front NASCAR splitter back then could plow corn fields LOL. (Don't get me wrong I love the design on the KR splitter much more...
  2. Non-Performance Modifications
    Ordered this on Black Friday last year, arrived in April, finally put on today. Matches the fuse box cover and looks nice.
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I'm not in the market for these, but some KR owners that try to keep their car 100% original might like this NOS and hard to find set of original Goodyear Eaglae F1 tires...
  4. General GT500 Discussions
    I have 2900 miles on my 2021 GT500 and I just got a call from Shelby America that I got a spot on the KR list if I want it. It’s spendy and I want to know your thoughts on doing it. With only 180 in the US will the car be worth it in the long run?
  5. Performance Modifications
    Well I scored a great deal from Amazon on a 'Used Like New' Ford Racing GT500 (Part # M-9926-CJ65) throttle body for $340, so I decided to go ahead and get it. The stock throttle body was the one thing in the engine bay that had some significant physical wear and looked pretty bad on the...
  6. Maintenance
    2 questions please: What is the Ford Racing part number of the filter Shelby put on an 08-09 KR? From what I understand it's not the similar blue filter (M-9601-D). What is the proper way to clean and oil the filter? I assume it's by using the K&N recharge kit, but I don't want to assume anything.
  7. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for the 2009 GT500 Owners Manual set. I can find the complete 08' version all day long on ebay, but the 2009 set for some reason isn't around much. Anyone sitting on a complete set collecting dust and want to sell at a reasonable price?
  8. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    Interested in getting a 2022 GT500KR but I was too late. Anyone interested in giving up their spot on the list?
  9. Performance Modifications
    As a newer owner of a GT500, and finding out the numero uno thing to get is an oil separator (which isn't the case on other cars necessarily), I made a video about the topic. It's more than just an install video because that's been done and trivial. I still see this question asked by new owners...
  10. Pics and Vids
    Yep I know some people will cringe, and others will say, "right on brother." 😎 Handles just fine too (not being crazy or anything), and can vouch for the Nitto NT555 G2s they did well even through larger puddles (no hydroplaning).
  11. Pics and Vids
    For your viewing pleasure, I made a fun video on my Eclectic Handyman YouTube channel documenting my trip out West to get my 2009 GT500KR. Enjoy :cool:
  12. General GT500 Discussions
    Well the King of the Road appears to be making another appearance next year for Shelby's 60th: Here are the specs from Shelby and pricing:
  13. General GT500 Discussions
    Hello question about the lower GT500KR carbon fiber splitter. Mine has a small chip out of it on the front and wonder about replacement options? I know the Shelby one is no longer made, but pops up from time to time online. It doesn't bother me enough to lay down a bunch of money though (I'm...
  14. Non-Performance Modifications
    Hi,, I see an old post (2016), where some vents were recreated/reverse engineered so that they could be 3D printed. Does anyone know if that effort was successful? Here is the original post from Imatk. Thanks,
  15. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    I am selling my garage-queen 2009 Shelby Mustang GT500KR because I have limited garage space and want a 2020 Shelby GT350. More details and photographs can be found on Craigslist: I can be reached at...
1-15 of 15 Results