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  1. Wheels & Tires
    This is my LR tire after my second track day. I had the tire pressures way too high in the first session and think I cooked it. Area in question is obviously the left portion of the center section of the tire. I can run my hand up the tire and feel little flaps of rubber lift up and they fall...
  2. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    For Sale: 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Only 3,000 Miles Factory Options: -Shadow Black Exterior Color -Black/White Leather/Suede Interior with Optional Recaro Seats & Suede Steering Wheel -Exposed Carbon Fiber Dash -Technology Package with Subwoofer -7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission -5.2L...
    $109,900 USD
  3. General GT500 Discussions
  4. Problems or Dealer Service
    I’ve got a 2011 gt500 I’ve owned for over 5 years and since purchasing it I’ve had a intermittent problem with starting it hot. Starts fine cold but I can drive the car for 30 mins or so and leave it off for 10 mins or so and it will turn over quick but takes a few times to start. If I turn it...
  5. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    For Sale is a Like New 2021 GT500 Carbon Fiber Trackpack Wheels, Tires & Sensors. Came off a 200 Mileage Car. Perfect condition no scratches or chips. Retail is $30,000~ I’m asking $16,000 Located in West Bloomfield MI. Prefer local pickup. I don’t typically post on forums so I won’t see any...
    $16,000 USD
  6. General GT500 Discussions
    Hello guy’s I just joined to ask, I live in Kuwait and now the degree is 110F, is it too hot to daily use my gt500? It’s a 2021gt500
  7. Racing
    ✅ First time driving a GT500 ✅ First time on a track NJ Motorsports Park xTreme xPerience event It was an absolute blast to run on the track. Consider this my “test drive” before delivery 😃
  8. General GT500 Discussions
    This appears to be the 2022 Side's listed as option on the sticker, so factory. I thought only HE got the GT500 graphic part of the stripe? If others get it too, I like it! Don't think the configurator showed it that way...
  9. General GT500 Discussions
    I don't really think it will give any noticeable performance increases but I found it for $60 on Amazon and might want to give it a try. You won't find it on the K&N website under our GT500s but you will find it at the Shelby Store, so I have some confidence that it won't cause any issues.
  10. New Member Introductions
    Making dreams come true.:giggle:
  11. Performance Modifications
    So I’m thinking about changing to the 2.5 pulley and 90mm idler. With changing those 2 things will I need to worry about anything? Will I need a new belt? Will I need to worry about the heat? Will I have to change anything with the fuel system? I know I’ll need a tune but I’m just worrying if I...
  12. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Complete set, i installed the rear springs for about 1000 miles, too low for my preference. $295.00 shipped!! call if you have questions Terry 408-482-1555 Thanks for looking!
    $295 USD
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, didn’t realize there was such a community in the DFW area. Guess I’ve been living under a rock. Give me a blip if you see me around town! 2011 GT500 Black w/ factory silver stripes. All stock because I’m (as the kids say) ‘basic’. But after reading some of y’alls posts maybe I should...
  14. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    One of a kind Ford GT500 wheel table. Wheel is from a 2020 car. I like to make different things, and thought this came out pretty cool with the wheel. The stand and base is all steel and disassemble for shipping. Table is about 28.25” tall, with a 24” diameter tempered glass top. If you...
    $580 USD
  15. Racing
    I just signed up for a May session with their GT500. Supposedly it’s their fastest car around the track currently despite all the “super cars” they provide. Anyone on here ever do one of their sessions at NJMP in Millville? Going to be on the lightning track. Will be my first time driving a...
  16. Parts For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to buy an OEM Ford Carbon fiber dash panel for my 2020 GT500, as mine did not include this option. Please message me if you are looking to sell yours. I need the entire strip including driver and passenger pieces. Let me know what you want for it. Happy to trade mine + $$$$. Per my...
    $12,345 USD
  17. General GT500 Discussions
    So, I’m curious of everyone who is ordering a Heritage Edition, what attracted you to it vs a non-HE? Use the poll in this thread. Feel free to elaborate or post if you had another reason you want it.
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, looking forward to contributing and learning from all of you. Not new to forums, but new to this one. Just picked up a 2020 GT 500 in Rapid Red with just under 2K miles. Previously had a GT350R (black on black, no stripes) and LOVED it and missed it when I traded. For the 500, I didn't...
  19. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys! Again, thanks for letting me join you guys! I got a 2022 on order and from what I can see the car doesnt really have any blower whine inside the cabin. So I was wondering what you can do to make the 2650 really scream? I think a intake will help alot and from my research the most...
  20. General GT500 Discussions
    I have 2900 miles on my 2021 GT500 and I just got a call from Shelby America that I got a spot on the KR list if I want it. It’s spendy and I want to know your thoughts on doing it. With only 180 in the US will the car be worth it in the long run?
1-20 of 95 Results